Rakesh Sukesh

Payatt INtransit


From 15th to 19th July

Itineraries C1, D2

The workshops PRO are the Festival Deltebre Dansa’s flagship. These workshops are a unique framework to ensure the highest standards of excellence.

Selection process: selection is on a first come, first served basis. We will also take into account your previous experience (via curriculum).

Length: 1 h 30 min per session

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Payatt INtransit is a contemporary movement technique that combines movement principles from the ancient Indian martial art, Kalaripayattu, dynamic energy work, as well as yogic principles and meditation. It trains the practitioners in a safe, organic and yet rigorous way to become more confident, soft, relaxed, flexible and powerful. This training will help us to be quick in our movements, reflexes and choices. We create rage in order find rest, and we create chaos to find calmness. The purpose lies in knowing one’s physical, mental and psychological boundaries.