Alexandros Anastasiadis

Organic Acrobatics


From 8th to 12th July

Itineraries B2, B3

The workshops PRO are the Festival Deltebre Dansa’s flagship. These workshops are a unique framework to ensure the highest standards of excellence.

Selection process: selection is on a first come, first served basis. We will also take into account your previous experience (via curriculum).

Length: 1 h 30 min per session

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In this workshop we will build a vocabulary of movement based on acrobatics. We will develop the capacity to move freely through all levels and directions. We will develop our coordination in gradually more complex movements while challenging our physical qualities (power mobility, stamina…) to adapt to the new requirements. Through full dancing we will connect all the acquired information. We will aim for a point of high energy as a group where we are mutually inspired to learn, create and perform. This is the essence that I want to share, enjoying movement and through that letting the body’s intelligence express.

Alexandros will be assisted by Patricia Hastewell.