Compañía Rocío Molina

Impulso. Rocío Molina with Rosalba Torres Guerrero

16th July

22h00 / 45 - 60 min

Carpa Deltebre Dansa

All audiences

5 € per person per night

Impulso is a kind of investigation prior to the production of a new performance. Improvising in a museum, on the shore of a river or a sea, in a church… Rocío investigates new unknown paths that arise thanks to a singular context and a renewed relationship with the audience. Experiments are nourished with artistic exchange. Rocío’s lab on the move receives other artists from different disciplines, as it is the case of Rosalba Torres Guerrero, who will be part of this unique Impulso. Impulso is nourished by the definition of its own term (from the Latin impulsus): (1) Action and effect of boosting / (2) Instigation, suggestion / (3) Force that carries a body in movement or in growth / (4) Desire or affective motive that induces something to be done suddenly, without reflection.