Maria Kolegova/Ultima Vez

Repertory workshop: Ultima Vez


From 8th to 12th July

Itinerary A2

The repertory workshop gives us the opportunity to work on the choreographic repertory of an outstanding company in the international contemporary field. The goal is to deepen in the specific creation structures to open possibilities to transform the material.

Selection process: Maria Kolegova will select the participants for this class.

Length: 3 h per session

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We will focus on the energy, intentions and the principles inspired by the latest productions created by Wim Vandekeybus – Ultima Vez. Inspired by my personal experience in creating and performing for Wim Vandekeybus, we will puzzle with some ideas and themes that are essential and precious in his work. We will take a deeper look into movement and how it becomes part of the dance composition. Through partner work we will improve our capacity for connection through several group exercises and will dive into compositions with the partner and the whole group.