BODHI PROJECT – SEAD audition 2019

As you may know, BODHI PROJECT is an internationally touring company dance company with its home base in SEAD – Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (Salzburg). It is a showcase for new choreographic voices on the international contemporary dance scene.

The company selects, every year and a half, six or seven mature talented dancers who are serious about themselves as emerging dance artists and who will profit from 18 months of training, creation and touring.

The dancers work together with four internationally renowned choreographers that will lead and guide them to the next step in their dance career. BODHI PROJECT is also recognised as a post graduate study programme and is rewarded with a diploma at the culmination of study.

Upcoming choreographers

Hillel Kogan. Ex Batsheva dancer and currently explosive choreographer. Hillel is an award-winning choreographer, dancer, dramaturge and teacher, whose work has been performed in venues and festivals all over the world.

Adrienn Hód. Provocative thinker and choreographer from Budapest’s Hodworks company. Adrienn is known for her radical approach to bodies, space, experimental music and the interrelation of these -including the audience.

Lisi Estaras. Her repertory revised piece No Human No Cry! is part of this season’s repertory. Lisi’s works are artistically exploring the connections between empathy and kinesthetic in many versatile ways.

And there are more… Do not miss out this opportunity!

BODHI PROJECT – SEAD audition 2019 at Festival Deltebre Dansa will be held on 14th July 2019!

More information and online application here