Professional training registrations

Registrations for Festival Deltebre Dansa 2019 are now open.

Apply here


As soon as the selection process is closed, we will confirm you if you have been accepted or not (in a term of about 7 to 10 days as of the end of the registrations period).

The organisation will rigorously respect the registration order as from the opening date. Please take into account that the right of admission is reserved.


Check all the workshops and create your customised itineraries . Remember that you will have to select 2 options for the first week (1 morning option and 1 afternoon option) and 2 options for the second week (1 morning option and 1 afternoon option).


  • You must be 18 or older
  • You must have experience in Performing Arts


Included services

  • Workshops: access to the professional workshops you are enrolled in.
  • Conferences: free access to all the conferences.
  • Performances: free access to all the scheduled performances at Carpa Deltebre Dansa and at Espai B.
  • Accommodation: the organisation reserves a space for each participant. Students can stay in large shared rooms or in the camping area. For health reasons, participants are kindly requested to bring all their own personal equipment: air mattresses, sleeping bags and any other accessories that may make your stay more comfortable.
  • Meals: lunch and dinner from Monday to Friday. You can choose between the Omnivorous menu, Vegetarian menu and the Basic vegan menu.

ATTENTION! The standard fee only includes the Omnivorous menu, Vegetarian menu and the Basic vegan menu. The BIO-Vegan menu has an additional cost on top of the fee. Once you choose your menu, no changes can made, and the amount paid for that choice will not be refundable.

  • Transport: transfer from Barcelona to Deltebre (on Saturday, 6th July) and from Deltebre to Barcelona (on Sunday 21st July), with the buses organised by the Festival Deltebre Dansa and always in accordance with the schedule set by the organisation.

– If you are only going to take 1 week, your fee only includes the transfer from Barcelona to Deltebre (if you come the 1st week) or from Deltebre to Barcelona (if you come the 2nd week).

– In no case this service should include the transport to health care centres outside of Deltebre.

  • Laundry service: at the scheduled time set by the organisation. Please make sure to name or mark your clothes in order to avoid any loss.
  • Internet access: free Wi-Fi in the workshops area.

Not included services

  • Lockers: participants may have free lockers by paying a deposit to be refunded on returning of the key.
  • Alternative therapy and therapeutic massages services: you can enjoy this service every day. Affordable prices for professional participants. Appointment required.
  • Bike rental: bike rental available in town.
    Highly recommended!
  • BIO-Vegan menu: this menu has an additional cost on top of the fee.
  • Breakfast: from Monday to Friday you can enjoy a complete breakfast. This option has an additional cost on top of the fee.


When signing up, you will be asked for:

  • Your curriculum
  • 2 high-quality photos (1 headshot and 1 dancing)
  • Link to a video(s) where you show your discipline/speciality


  • Standard fee for 2 weeks: 850 €
  • Standard fee for 1 week: 425 €