The Keys of Festival Deltebre Dansa

Excellence in training
Avant-garde performances
Social inclusion
Connection with the territory
Unique experience

What is it?

Festival Deltebre Dansa is…

  • An international event devoted to contemporary dance and circus.
  • An annual meeting point that opens its doors to everyone.
  • A bridge between Arts and People.
  • A cultural oasis of openness and freedom.
  • A Performing Arts reference point where thousands of people and hundreds of artists around the world interact and live this authentic, special, avant-garde, multicultural and high-quality experience.

Event founded and organised by R.O.P.A. – Roberto Olivan Performing Arts.

For whom?

  • Contemporary dance and circus professionals who want to receive high-level artistic and multidisciplinary training led by internationally well-known teachers.
  • Nonprofessional participants wishing to undertake beginners’ workshops in Performing Arts.
  • Everyone who wants to actively approach the Performing Arts through high-quality performances while being surrounded by a unique setting.

When and where?

From 8th to 21st July 2019

In Deltebre, an idyllic setting in the heart of the Ebre Delta , which becomes a cultural capital for 15 days.

How to get to Deltebre?


Excellence in training
We are committed to a top-level professional training in contemporary creation, and we make this by means of a wide range of workshops specifically designed for professionals in this field.

Check out our teachers and professional workshops for 2019!

Artistic and cultural relationships
We establish national and international cooperation with universities, festivals and dance institutions and schools from around the world in order to build connections that strengthen Culture.

Do you belong to these or other fields and you are interested in the Festival Deltebre Dansa? Contact us! We will be pleased to attend you!

Social impact

We develop social inclusion activities with several groups of Deltebre, elderly people and disabled people from La Duna disability care home. Likewise, we encourage contemporary dance and circus among nonprofessional participants due to its physical and mental benefits.

Check out our beginners’ workshops  for 2019!

Broad performances programme

For two weeks, we offer a high-quality avant-garde performances programme in different disciplines and of national and international companies.

Put on your calendar our 2019 performances programme !

Prestigious recognition
Since 2015, we have been honoured with the EFFE Label  by the European Festivals Association. We have been rated as the best cultural project in Catalonia in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 by the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Catalonia. And we have been recognised as 1 of the 25 most relevant dance examples by the European Dancehouse Network.

Privileged natural environment

In the heart of the Ebre Delta, Deltebre offers us a privileged natural setting full of textures, colours and aromas that perfectly matches the special spirit of the Festival Deltebre Dansa.

Discover the natural attraction of this paradise .

Eco consciousness

We are committed to minimise the environmental impact through waste reduction and waste selective collection.