Discover Deltebre, natural attraction in the heart of the Ebre Delta

Sightseeing in Deltebre is much more than a simple tour. In Deltebre you will discover a magical natural beauty in the middle of the Ebre Delta Natural Park. Nature, cuisine, traditions, festivities, culture… All the elements come together in the most surprising way and complement the Festival Deltebre Dansa. The result is a unique experience full of exciting colours and textures that you cannot find anywhere else.

Deltebre is your holiday destination if you are looking for excellence in professional training, a broad avant-garde performances programme and Performing Arts beginners’ workshops. All this surrounded by a unique natural heritage where you can practice river kayaking, horseback riding along lost paths, listen to birds’ melodies in nature, gently breathe the salty aroma of the fine sand beaches, savour the local cuisine… A perfect combination of culture and nature.

We are waiting for you at Festival Deltebre Dansa. We are waiting for you in Deltebre.