Àngels Margarit i Viñals

Two sides of the same coin

18th July

19h00 / 60 min

Pavelló Josep Luque

All audiences

Access: free and limited to the capacity of the location


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What are the advantages and disadvantages offered to the culture and arts field by the fact that a performer and creator has a key position such as the management of Mercat de les Flors? Do we live troubled times for Performing Arts? Is it better the stability of the office or the creativity of movement? What is the current policy of Mercat de les Flors and how can it encourage the Performing Arts field?

Let’s talk about movement with Àngels Margarit i Viñals, who after an intense international career as creator, performer and teacher, now focuses her career on the other side of the coin: the artistic programming of one of Europe’s main stage spaces.