Deltebre Dansa Creation 2019

Erick Jiménez

From 1st to 14th July

9h30 - 18h00

Centre Fluvial del Delta

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In this edition, Erick Jiménez will be responsible for creating the Deltebre Dansa Creation. This will be a very special creation process where a large group of people will create an original and unique work.

The Deltebre Dansa Creation is an initiative aimed to ensure that different groups can access Performing Arts together with participants from the professional workshops and different associations in Deltebre. The result will be part of the performances programme of the Festival Deltebre Dansa 2019.

The Deltebre Dansa Creation 2019: Celebration is an ode to joy, to encounter, to inclusion, to happiness and to human beauty. Celebration will be a work conceived and created by an entire town, a giant choreographic event created by citizen collaboration in an exercise of generosity; it is a work that multiplies social cohesion.

If you want to participate in the Deltebre Dansa Creation contact us!